Beyond Dreamz
"Pioneers in Latin-Indian Productions"

About Us

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Beyond Dreamz Entertainment Productions was founded by Giju John in 2006, with the mission of developing and producing innovative music, video and dance choreography that incorporates novel ideas. Beyond Dreamz specializes in productions fusing Latin and Indian dance/music styles and provides a wide spectrum of services that encompasses all aspects of live and recorded entertainment production - music, choreography, crew, talent, styling and more.

Beyond Dreamz has a unique ability to attract a broad range of eclectic talents and skills that are specific to the entertainment industry. The company boasts the successful completion of several international projects, including three music videos,a live performance on ESPN2, and numerous special events.

The first video project by Beyond Dreamz was a Salsa music video showcasing the first indian-salsa track by Giju, the company's founder. Shot entirely in the San Francisco bay area and in collaboration with Beyond Pix Studios, a leading production company based in SF, this project was an original and sincere effort to introduce the vibrancy of salsa music to the Indian music scene, already rich in its own legacy. This project was followed by the production of two more music videos: one an "Indian - cha-cha-cha" and the other a beautiful melody. Both set in India with an esteemed team of directors, cinematographers, technicians and dancers.

Beyond Dreamz also provides high quality live entertainment for corporate and commercial events. The company has produced and performed dance productions for several highly reputed events, such as the ESPN World Salsa Championships, the International West Coast Salsa Congress and the SF International Congress, to name a few. Please refer to the "Event Proposal" page for more details on the different entertainment packages the company offers.

Beyond Dreamz is proudly represented by several of highly qualified dancers, choreographers, performers and producers.